I read a book once where the author loved to invent new words. In the past I used to make fun of people making up their own words for things but in this case I was all for the author’s thinking and for the record, I support him 100%. The word I’d like to talk about today is the word BRULES which stands for Bullshit Rules.

Just in case you are wondering what a bullshit rule is, it’s a rule that was made once upon a time, but has no real relevance today. It’s a rule that you follow because somebody, sometime, regarded it as important. Furthermore, it’s a rule that is blocking you from being what you want to be, even though you know you can be a better person without it.

There are many brules in this world and the secret is to try and identify them and when you achieve that, the goal is to eliminate them. When a brule is imprinted so deep inside you your mind, it sometimes feels hard to to get rid of it. Not so much because it’s created your habit but rather the fear it threatens you with, if you dare abandon it.

Well I say BOOOOO HOOOO to that. No brule is going to keep me back from getting what I want. Someone once said to me in an authoritative voice “Do you want to be right or wrong”? All I want is to be at peace with what I do folks. So as long as what I do is what I love and it causes no harm to others, then I guess I am on the right path.


Johnny M

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